Commercial Security Gates

Does your business or property require commercial security gates? American Overhead Door can design and install a Security Gate Armgate system that will give you peace of mind and protect your property, equipment, and other assets. To begin service, a licensed gate system designer will visit your site and evaluate all your security needs. Then, working closely with you, we will design and produce a security gateway that accomplishes your goals and works within your budget. We will also perform the security gate installation as well. From start to finish, concept design to installation and implementation, we will be right there at your side. American Overhead Door is Certified by the International Door Education Association, Liftmaster, Door King, American Association of Automatic Door Manufactures (AAADM), and American Overhead Door is also an American Fence Association (AFA) Gate Installer.

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American Overhead Door will install everything that your operation requires to achieve the kind of commercial security gate system that meets your needs. Below are just a few of the most common pieces of equipment that comprise various security gate systems, but rest assured that American Overhead Door can procure and install whatever your operation requires.

Automatic Gate

  • Security gate openers/gate operator
    • Considered to be the nerve center of any security gate system, this is the main device responsible for operating your security gateway once a visitor has requested access. A properly operating security gate opener is crucial to the success of any security port, whether you employ a barrier gate, swing gate, vertical pivot gate or pedestrian gate.
  • Security grilles
    • Provide visibility and unrestricted air flow while still delivering security against unwanted entry in schools, store fronts, healthcare facilities and more.
  • Card reading systems
    • Track authorized card holder activity and secure against unwanted entry by unauthorized personnel with a card reading system.
  • Security cameras
    • Record activity of people and vehicles within camera range and offer a visual deterrent to criminal activity.
  • Call boxes
    • Communicate with guests to your facility and provide authorized personnel access to communication in an emergency or threatening situation. Available with intercom feature, smartphone pairing capability, or sim card activation where a lack of wiring exists or internet availability is nonexistent or unreliable.
  • Traffic barrier / traffic arm
    • Control access and prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering secure areas. Available features include obstacle detection to reverse arm on contact, vehicle counting capability, vehicle theft prevention, and various arm lengths.
  • Loop detector
    • Detects the presence of a vehicle to open a gate or acts as a safety device to prevent gate from closing on a vehicle in its path.


Give us a call today and consult with one of our commercial security gates system experts to design and develop a security system that provides you with the protection you need. We will be happy to assess your security gate needs and recommend the best solution for your operation. Call American Overhead Door today for a free quote for your high speed door needs! (719) 538-9900.