Garage Door Maintenance in Colorado Springs

Your garage door is the largest moving part on your home, and perhaps the hardest working, being raised and lowered an average of six times per day. Like any other area of the home, it needs regular inspections and maintenance. We suggest that you perform the recommended garage door maintenance service as listed in your installation manual on an annual basis.

Not sure what to do or don’t have time? Our garage door maintenance experts in Colorado Springs can help! Our garage door services include a full inspection of all garage door parts, door alignment, lubrication, and the completion of any garage door maintenance required.

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The leading causes of garage door failure and/or replacement include lack of maintenance and being hit by vehicles. A proper overhead garage door maintenance schedule for a garage door includes lubrication of the rollers, bearings, pulleys, and springs once a year; washing painted steel surfaces several times a year; painting or refinishing wood surfaces as necessary; and making proper adjustments to the counter balance system as necessary to maintain door balance. A properly balanced garage door should be able to be stopped mid-travel without drifting down or up when operated manually. Are you experiencing any problems? Give our garage door maintenance team in Colorado Springs a call! (719) 538-9900

Garage door torsion springs are rated by cycle life, with 10,000 cycles as the industry standard minimum. A “cycle” is one full opening and closing action. Upgrades are available to around 100,000 cycles. The average spring breaks about every 7-10 years with average usage for the recommended product. If a garage door has two or more springs and one breaks, all springs should be replaced to maintain proper balance.

Our basic overhead garage door service includes:

  • Inspection & service of door and opener
  • Align door and track
  • Check/tighten all fasteners
  • Inspect all parts for wear/replacement
  • Test opener for proper operation including force settings and limits
  • Lube both door and opener

Commercial & Residential Overhead Door Maintenance

In order to maintain a safe working environment and keep your operation running, we recommend routine garage door maintenance service and inspection.

Safety Warnings

  • Door springs, cables, brackets, and other hardware attached to the springs, are under very high tension and, if handled improperly, can cause serious injury or death. Only a qualified professional following the manufacturer’s instructions should perform most overhead garage door maintenance tasks. Do not attempt to repair or adjust the torsion springs yourself.
  • Never remove, adjust or loosen the red headed fasteners on the bottom brackets of the door. These brackets are connected to the spring by the lift cable and are under extreme tension.
  • Inspection (Quarterly or Every 5000 Cycles)
  • Visually inspect the door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other hardware for signs of wear.
  • Some things to look for include fraying cables, tearing or bent hinges, loose bolts or screws, excessive roller wear, and rusty or dry or broken springs.

If you suspect problems, have American Overhead Door visit to perform overhead garage door maintenance and to make repairs.

Lubrication (Quarterly or Every 5000 Cycles)

Lubricate moving parts of the door including hinges, rollers and springs with a silicone based lubricant. Ensure torsion springs are adequately lubricated. However, be sure not to over lubricate components as this may cause dripping or seepage onto other surfaces. For high cycle applications, grease end bearing plates.

Check Operation (Annually)

  • Motor operated – disengage the opener arm (trolley) or emergency release (jack shaft) and operate the door manually. This will ensure all door components are functioning properly, which reduces wear and tear on the opener.
  • To operate your door, make sure your lock is disengaged and raise the door to the open position. To close the door, pull down on the rope, step on the step plate to ensure the door is completely closed, and engage the locking mechanism.
  • You should be able to lift the door smoothly and with little resistance. It should stay open around three or four feet above the floor. If it does not, it is out of adjustment. Have it adjusted by American Overhead Door, your qualified Clopay service dealer.
  • Finally, re-engage opener and test / reset limit switch and reset / adjust friction clutch if applicable. Test safety features of the opener to ensure safety equipment such as photo eyes or bottom edges are functioning properly.

American Overhead Door is able to address all your garage door service and maintenance needs in Colorado Springs. Contact us today about garage door maintenance service for your home or business.

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