High Speed Doors in Colorado Springs

At American Overhead Door, we only use top-quality products. Our high speed doors offer superior performance where you need it most. Whether you need improved security, better efficiency or a more cost-effective high speed overhead door, we determine the perfect high speed garage door to meet your performance needs. The commercial applications for high speed doors are many; store front openings, security gates at concert and sports venues, auto shops, parking garages, financial institutions, parking garages, food storage locations, warehouses, fire stations, and other industrial businesses too numerous to mention.

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High Speed Doors Colorado SpringsHigh Speed Garage Doors Colorado SpringsHigh Speed Doors

High speed garage doors are normally used for purposes in which they will be cycled far more frequently than typical garage doors. Higher cycle grilles and rolling doors are durable, energy efficient, long lasting, and springless in design, perfect for storage, heavy equipment, manufacturing, warehousing and more. High speed doors operate more quickly and are able to undergo more opening and closing cycles before requiring maintenance. For extreme climates, dangerous weather events, excess dirt and other factors, high speed overhead rubber doors offer advanced protection. By installing high speed doors of dent-resistant rubber, the accidental impact from vehicles or equipment is negated. When dealing with extreme heat or cold, torrential rains, or heavy snow and ice, these high speed garage doors not only provide your property, personnel, and equipment next-level protection but also significantly lower corrosive factors. These high speed doors are more cost effective to maintain and repair, thereby saving you money in the long run.

Speed, durability, and reliability are crucial elements when considering which high speed door is the right one for your needs. Our high speed freezer doors ensure temperature control and decreased energy costs thanks to rapid opening and closing capabilities. Our high speed industrial overhead doors offer various design and performance features geared toward retail, cold storage, manufacturing, automotive, and parking applications. When you need a dependable high speed overhead door that will perform on demand over and over again, you want an American Overhead Door.

Are you wondering just what kind of high speed overhead garage door will be the best choice for your use? Give us a call today and consult with one of our high speed overhead garage door experts. We will be happy to assess your business needs and recommend the best high speed door solution for your operation. You can get the high speed overhead garage doors you need for your industry here at American Overhead Door in Colorado Springs. With over 30 years of experience, we install and repair all major types of high speed doors: rubber, rigid, and fabric doors. Call American Overhead Door today for a free quote for your high speed door needs! (719) 538-9900.