Commercial Garage Door Replacement, Salida, CO

Are you in need of commercial garage door installation in Salida, CO? Or perhaps you’re looking for repairs? Chaffee County now has the garage door repair and replacement company that has been leading the way in commercial garage doors in southern Colorado for over 30 years: American Overhead Door.

Allan Brodsky
Allan Brodsky

Excellent company! We will definitely work with them again

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Allan, thanks for sharing your American Overhead Door experience with others, we appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you in a year to schedule an annual tune-up.

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Kevin Dahill
Kevin Dahill

These folks are so completely competent and helpful, I wish all service companies operated at this level.

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Kevin, thanks for completing our survey as this helps us determine if we are meeting our customers’ needs. Based on your response we did; please remember to call around this time next year to schedule your annual tune up to keep door running smoothly.

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Mary J
Mary J

Your technical

Cain, Greg was very fine.

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When Should You Consider Commercial Garage Door Replacement or Repair?

If you’re having difficulty with your commercial garage doors, you should address it immediately. You may be concerned about the cost, but it can be far more expensive to leave your garage door problem unattended, and American Garage Door can work out a way to provide you with commercial garage door installation in a way that fits your budget.

Here’s why you need to address your commercial garage door issue right away:

If Your Commercial Garage Door Is Stuck Open or Partially Open

For many businesses, an open garage door means unfettered public access to your business or warehouse. You cannot leave your inventory unattended, which means you will require constant security for as long as the door will not close, which can become extremely expensive very quickly. Also, if a stuck-open garage door becomes unstuck at the wrong time, it can come down unexpectedly, potentially injuring workers or damaging inventory.

If Your Commercial Garage Door Is Stuck Closed

This is not as bad, but it’s still a problem, as it will be extremely difficult for you to get your inventory in or out of your place of business, and leaving inventory outside presents the same security problem as if the garage door was stuck open.

If Your Garage Door Is Physically Damaged

In addition to the fact that a physically damaged door will probably not open or close property, it’s also unsightly and makes your business look unprofessional, which can cost you business.

If your commercial garage door is not that old and your American Overhead Door technician determines that you have a relatively simple repair, you may opt to simply fix the door. However, if your door is older or the repairs are more involved, you may be better off installing a new commercial garage door from American Overhead Door.

Installing a new door from American Overhead can be a great decision for your business, as we carry all the top brands, including Clopay® doors, along with a variety of styles to suit your business needs. A new garage door installation doors can make your business look more attractive, as well as provide you with long-lasting durability so you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your doors will work the way they are supposed to, day in and day out.

24/7 Emergency Service for Commercial Garage Doors

Because we know that garage door problems don’t happen according to a 9 to 5 weekday schedule, American Overhead Door offers emergency commercial garage door repair for those situations where you have a sudden garage door problem that cannot wait.

Contact American Overhead Door for Commercial Garage Door Replacement Repair

If you’re ready to install a brand-new commercial garage door in Salida, CO, or you need quick, efficient, affordable garage door repair, contact American Overhead Door today for a free estimate or to schedule a service appointment. Get in touch with one of our representatives today by calling 719-530-3000.